Does your email address really matter when applying for a job?

We’ve all been there, opening up a new email account and wondering what would be a good name to choose. Do you pick a name that means something to you or do you pick a simple one with your name in it? If you name is taken, do you add numbers or other symbols to it?

According to Tracy Brisson CEO and Founder of the “Opportunities Project” there are several things to remember when choosing an email address used when applying for a job. Her book “Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter” outlines the following:

1) Your email address should be a simple variation of your name. Try to avoid numbers if possible unless you have a common name or even using nicknames.

2) Email domains have certain stigmas that are then applied to the applicant. Gmail users are generally perceived as more professional and educated than those who use other internet services to manage their email such as Yahoo or AOL.

3) There is evidence that job applicants who use a Gmail address on their resumes are more successful. A 2009 study found that those with Gmail addresses are 40% more likely to be contacted by recruiters.

4) Get rid of the .edu domain! Even though university policies have changed over the years, some still delete graduates email addresses within days of graduation. If a school has a vacancy open over the summer and your email address has been deleted, they will not be able to contact you and may move on to someone else who has better contact information.

So go ahead, do a Google search for “what does your email say about you”.  What does it say?  Are you a tech savvy educator or are you stuck in the 20th century waiting to hear “You’ve got mail”.


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